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  • Allan Buus

Identifying Innovative Executives in Defense Technology

In the face of accelerating advancements in defense technology, particularly robotics and autonomous systems, the need for innovative leadership has never been more critical. Lohmann & Partners stands at the forefront of executive search within the defense, space, and security sectors, offering a sophisticated approach to identify executives who are not only leaders but innovators. Our methodology integrates Hogan Assessments and case interviews, enriched with performance pattern analysis inspired by Lou Adler's Performance Based Hiring—tailored specifically to highlight achievements in innovation and creative leadership.

Leveraging Hogan Assessments for Innovative Potential

Hogan Assessments offer unparalleled insights into candidates' personalities, predicting job performance and leadership capabilities. We focus on the Inquisitive and Learning Approach dimensions to pinpoint those with a natural propensity for innovation—essential for leading in sectors undergoing rapid technological evolution, like robotics and autonomous systems in defense.

  • Inquisitive Scale: Targets executives with a curiosity for new ideas and technologies, crucial for spearheading advancements in defense robotics and autonomous systems.

  • Learning Approach Scale: Highlights those committed to continuous learning, a key trait for adapting and thriving amidst the sector's technological shifts.

Case Interviews: Probing for Innovative Leadership

Our case interviews are carefully crafted to mimic sector-specific challenges, particularly in developing and implementing innovative leadership when this is business critical. We identify a particular need for innovative leadership amongst executives in SME's, but also in large entreprises seeking executives for functions where innovation and creative is key. These interviews assess candidates' strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and innovative leadership through real-world scenarios.

Performance Patterns of Innovation

We enrich our interview process by analyzing performance patterns of innovation, drawing inspiration from Lou Adler's Performance Based Hiring. This adaptation allows us to delve into candidates' past professional contributions, identifying tangible achievements that demonstrate their capacity for creative leadership and their direct impact on innovation within their previous roles. This historical performance pattern gives us a clearer picture of a candidate's potential to drive innovation forward in the defense sector.

The Robotics and Autonomous Systems Perspective

In the context of robotics and autonomous systems, our approach is enable us to identify leaders who can navigate and shape the future of combat and defense strategies on product and solution development leadership functions. Recognizing the pivotal role these technologies play, especially in future warefare, our selection process is geared towards finding executives who have demonstrated the ability to lead innovative projects, driving the development and deployment of cutting-edge robotic and autonomous systems.


Innovation is the linchpin of success in the rapidly evolving defense technology landscape. Our unique blend of assessment tools, performance analysis, and sector-specific focus positions us to identify the innovative leaders your organization needs. Partner with us to discover the executives capable of pioneering advancements in robotics, autonomous systems, and beyond, ensuring your organization leads at the cutting edge of defense technology.


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