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Anette Raidna

Compliance & Quality Manager

Ms. Anette Raidna, the Compliance & Quality Manager at Lohmann & Partners, is a pivotal figure in maintaining our business's exemplary standards. With a keen interest in regulatory compliance and quality assurance, she embodies our commitment to operational excellence. Her role encompasses a rigorous oversight of our compliance frameworks and quality control systems, ensuring they not only meet but exceed industry norms and legal requirements. Her meticulous approach to regulatory adherence safeguards our reputation and instills trust among our clients and partners. Ms. Raidna's strategic planning and continuous improvement initiatives are essential in keeping Lohmann & Partners at the forefront of industry best practices. Her expertise and dedication are invaluable assets to our team, reinforcing our standing as a leader in the defense sector.

+45 2094 3335

Anette Raidna
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