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Jasper Frost

Advisory Board Member

Meet Mr. Jasper Frost, a leading authority in human intelligence, counterintelligence, and behavioral awareness. With a keen focus on strengthening businesses against critical incidents like espionage, industrial espionage, insider threats, and social engineering, Mr. Frost is our trusted advisor.

His expertise lies in integrating intelligence tradecraft, including human intelligence (HUMINT), behavioral analysis, and non-verbal communication, into robust counterintelligence strategies. He also conducts courses on deception detection, micro facial expressions, and elicitation, recommended for legal professionals in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

As a renowned international keynote speaker, Mr. Frost has graced global stages, including The World Police Summit and Homeland Security Conference. His insights transcend borders, and his impact is felt worldwide.

Additionally, Mr. Frost is a certified Nemesysco Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) operator, offering real-time voice analysis and deep audio file examination.

We are honored to have Mr. Jasper Frost on our advisory board at Lohmann & Partners. His expertise enhances our services, ensuring that we remain leaders in executive search, leadership assessments, and executive coaching in the defense sector. Mr. Frost plays a vital role in guiding us through the complexities of intelligence to serve our clients and achieve our goals effectively.


Jasper Frost
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